Soul Mapping II with Akiva Satnarayan

Soul Mapping II with Akiva Satnarayan


“Activate Your Intuition”
the Numerology of Names, Words and Addresses:
The hidden information behind everything that is written.

  1. 22 Archetypes Linked to the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and their Tarot imprint.

  2. 22 Letters and their Numeric Code - the hidden Magic behind letters (as applied in ABC)

  3. Application of the numeric Code - to Names; Addresses; Location and your name; Web sits and more

    The ability TO Assess Your and others Personal Archetypes! Applications to personality, location, and more.

Practical Universal Kabbalah with Akiva Satnarayan
Whether you've done Soul Mapping I - Soul Mapping II may be your entry point.

3 Thursday Evening Classes, 6:30-9 PM:

April 25, May 2, May 16

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