Set Yourself Up for Success

Set Yourself Up for Success

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Set yourself up for Success

Chakra Alchemy

Optimize your health and wealth

Through the knowledge and experience of breath, movement, nourishment, and sound healing - learn foundational practices to move through the world with more confidence, let go of the past, and express your true abundant-self in the world.

5 Hour Training with Mary Shiela and Akiva

October 19th  11:30am - 5:30 pm

Learn how to utilize ancient breath and sound healing techniques to clear blockages, harmonize energy centers, and dismantle self doubt and insecurity.

Understand Grounding principles of holistic nutrition -  for deep nourishment in todays world, that supports the immune and nervous system.

Create the space for a daily routine that will enhance your potential to the fullest.

We will provide afternoon nourishing elixirs to boost your chakras, with recipes! 

Class Notebook provided with all the practices and recommendations from the class. 

Join us and get your mojo back! 

And, as a bonus… this class includes a Zoom meeting 2 weeks later to support you in the integration of the tools and practices that you learned, so you can reach your goals.

Early Bird Pricing $155 - until September 30

Then $195 at this date

(early bird includes Akiva’s Saturday Morning Class to kick off the day) 

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