Purpose Workbook with Akiva Satnarayan

Purpose Workbook with Akiva Satnarayan


Please join us to a two day foundation which will change your life!


Create Wealth Doing what you love!

Wealth Transformation process for the Aquarian Age

Define Your Personal Brand (Life Purpose); 

Your Unique Voice and Your Value (signature offering)

Create a reality which was not available to you before!

  • Leaving the past behind - creating completion

  • Creating Clarity of vision and intention

  • Forming an unshakable desired faith in your creative force

  • Defining compelling communication which serves your personal brand

  • Setting inspiring value proposition which is geared toward your true collaborators and clients

  • Establishing a path of wealth through structure for fulfillment

ALL to Activate the Magic of your desired way of living!

Space is limited:

Dates 3/16 - 3/17 11:30AM-5:30PM

Course include an extensive workbook - business manual - that will form your personal Brand

(few star guest entrepreneurs will be appearing as well)

Early Bird special through 2/17

Register Today and receive a FREE 20 min Numerology/Coaching session, identifying your cosmic purpose for 2019 

Previous Purpose Workbook students can retake the course for $275. Call to register!

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