Body Mapping In Action with DeAnna Batdorff

Body Mapping In Action with DeAnna Batdorff

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What is your body trying to communicate?

The elements support our ability to listen and take action accordingly.


Action-Experiential learning weekend  Includes:

·      Elemental theory

·      Weather Report -Tracking symptoms according to Cold, Dry, Hot, and Wet

·      Emotions, Breath & Posture

·      Face and Tongue Analysis

·      Foundations of Digestion & Hydration


At Home Health advice:

·      Body Mapping Book- Elemental Communications

·      Self Care Essentials- Tools for Life

·      Resting & Breathing- Techniques

·      Nutritional Advice -Eating Guide

·      Spices- Flavorful Medicine

·      Drinking Hydration- Endocrine Balance

This class will take you on a journey of self exploration, a better understanding of others and the ability to track emotional and physical symptoms throughout your life. Knowing how and what the body is communicating is key to understanding the self.  Life is a balancing act and perfect doesn’t exist, but regaining balance is always an option, if you know what to do!

Self Care is the Best Healthcare we have.

June 1-2, 2019 :: 11-6 PM

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