The dhyana Center

What a gift it has been to become a part of the dhyana Center. It has introduced so many good things into my life
— Claire
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A place for Self Care

The dhyana Center is a premier Ayurvedic School, self care studio and community center teaching experiential knowledge through education, classes, services and events. Our yearly Ayurvedic Clinical Program presents a hands-on approach to learning, giving students a thorough explanation of Ayurveda as a practice for balancing and maintaining good health. Other educational classes include, body mapping, anatomy, physiology, Yoga teacher training and various workshops. Outside of our educational  programs dhyana Center provides leading Ayurvedic treatments,  a Self Care sanctuary, an Apothecary Bar and lounge space, an Essentials retail store and Body Temple movement classes. Through our many departments, dhyana Center creates a space where all people can heal, learn and grow through the ancient wellness techniques that have been established throughout the world.

Our History: dhyana Center was created in 1995, by DeAnna Batdorff after returning from the Bihar School of Yoga, in India. DeAnna studied Ayurveda with her teacher Dr. Lad. at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There she met her life partner Scott Jenkins and just 4 months later the dhyana Center was born. Scott & DeAnna’s love has grown alongside the dhyana Center. The whole facility is designed and built by Scott & DeAnna’s creativity, humor, honesty, patience, sweat, love and sometimes tears. 

I am grateful for your abilities to listen to what is behind the stories, listen intensely to what is truly in the pulse, listen to the layers of the body ... listen to your intuition. And then have the courage and wisdom to act boldly. You are the most profound healer I have come across
— Vanessa

Founder DeAnna Batdorff

DeAnna Batdorff began her career in service in 1987 and founded the dhyana Center of Therapeutics, Inc.

She is an Ayurvedic and Tibetan Practitioner and Educator, Massage Therapist, Western Herbalist, Nutrition Counselor and Clinical Aromatherapist. She specializes in autoimmune disorders and all things health related from pregnancy to rites of passage.

She presently oversees the dhyana Center in the heart of Sonoma County. Providing “by donation” Clinics, a Self Care Sanctuary (Bathhouse), Ayurvedic Treatment Center, Yoga classes, an Apothecary Bar and a Community Classroom, DeAnna is committed to inspiring all people to heal, learn and grow through elemental theory, understanding of how the body works and the connection between the mind, body and spirit.

She lovingly credits all of her teachers along the way, Michael Tierra, Marcel Lavabre, Dr. Lobsang Rapgay, Swami Niranjananda, Dr. Lad and Ed Bauman.  DeAnna has supported well over 150,000 clients and students and considers them to be the best teachers she could ever have.

Whether you choose to be a client, student or both, DeAnna invites you to come experience Ayurveda in a heart-centered environment providing ancient Vedic wisdom at the forefront of integrative health care. The dhyana Center offers a variety of courses and workshops aligned with professional Ayurvedic education standards to help you take charge of your health care and be of service to your community. As a school where your personal path is always honored, students feel the difference the moment they enter our doors. Come explore where your learning journey could lead you! Whether you dream of becoming a practitioner, or for your own health, explore the basics of Ayurveda, the lymphatic system in the body, cooking, self-care techniques, and how elements manifest in your physical and emotional body.