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YOUR PATH and Destiny in 2019/2020

  • Dhyana Center of Therapeutics 186 N Main St Sebastopol United States (map)

PRIVATE NUMEROLOGY READINGS with Master Numerologist Akiva

+Looking at your current code and time cycle

+Showing you how to forge your path to clarity and unity

+Identifying great timing to take advantage of opportunities in your life

+Creating a framework for your purpose and the highest fulfillment in the coming year.

“Who knew numbers could be so profoundly guiding in a practical and spiritual way. I learned about myself, my purpose moving forward, and important timing in the upcoming year so that I can implement my work and passion with precision and grace."
- Alex

"Akiva helped me figure out my next career step by providing a Numeric Chart to evaluate options and helping set the correct priorities that are aligned with my strengths and interests. Working with Akiva has been enlightening and fun."
- Maria B

"A numerology consultation helped me to see some of my patterns and what was in the way of being in my purpose. It also gave me great new tools to forward my actions in the right direction. The process format was a jump start to move into the next phase in life”
- Vicki L

"Akiva has helped me learn to take action toward my goals at the right time. When we operate with higher awareness and utilize the Natural Laws of Timing, we also serve others more easily! Akiva teaches a practical science to help us live in greater harmony with ourselves and the world around us. His gentle approach guides students to a deep place of understanding."
- Rob R

"Akiva has a way with numbers, perhaps you could call him the ‘Number Whisperer’ - he gets the subtleties of how they work in your life and aura. I had a reading with him for my birthday and he laid out month by month what would be unfolding, what to expect and how best to navigate any foreseen dramas from playing out. I found my reading a few years later and was blown away by his accuracy and clear insights to help me be my best and understand my motivations, tendencies and shadows.

See him and learn for yourself the cosmic forces behind numbers and how you can use this knowledge to shape your destiny for the good!"
- Gaby E

SPACE IS LIMITED TO 10 PEOPLE - reserve now by calling 707-823-8818

Tickets - $75