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Minimalism for Maximalists

In a world rapidly expanding, our over-consumption and mismanagement of resources is destroying the Earth. In this workshop you will learn tips about how to transition to a more Zero Waste lifestyle and how you can benefit from it financially and emotionally while simultaneously improving your health and the environment! Minimalism isn't about having an all white simple and sparse space, it is about figuring out your aesthetic, having only what you actually need and use often, and letting go of the rest.

This workshop will provide practical resources and information about how to shop smarter for food, clothes, and beauty products, how to be happier with less, and how to ethically declutter. You will learn what you can do personally to lessen your environmental footprint, deal with emotional attachment to objects and how improving these aspects correlates to enhanced wealth and wellness. There will be an emphasis on learning how to declutter, as well as taking a closer look at *why* it is that we end up with a never-ending stream of stuff coming into our lives. Analyzing everything you have and learning how to say "no" to more things coming in allows you to get the most out of what you already own, and gives you the confidence to let go of anything that you do not love.

By the end of the class, people will have a deeper understanding of their buying habits and how these habits are related to every aspect of their life and health. Through sharing our experiences on how we are each doing our part, we will inspire each other to do even better and create a community of support around shifting away from disposable culture.

$30 - 60 Sliding Scale

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