Our Holiday Wish for You

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There’s no denying, this was a big year. As I look back on it, I find that I’m astonished at how many things transpired within 365 days. I know many who are eager to put 2018 behind them with brighter possibilities in the future. I’m quite proud of all that the dhyana Center accomplished this year and I’m excited for what’s to come.

This year:

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  • I toured Northern India with Scott and a small group of students, visiting my school as well as the Dalai Lama.

  • Scott worked tirelessly to make improvements in the Self-Care Sanctuary bathhouse in record time.

  • We stepped up our social media and web presence and began offering online ordering for most of our products and courses.

  • We continued to grow a new image of the dhyana Center to help us become more accessible to all people.

  • We welcomed North Bay Fusion and Ecstatic Dance as part of a blossoming of music and movement in evenings.

  • We debuted all-people Sacred Sunday in the bathhouse.

  • We brought breast care, pulse, and lymphatic education to the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium, SpiritWeavers, and Permaculture Convergence

  • Our busy medicine maker, Rachel, developed a cornucopia of new products: digestif toothpicks, oil pulling, the Winter Mood line, Winter Wellness tea, elemental bath salts, fire cider, elderberry syrup, scarlet lotus cordial, bath bombs, steam tablets, sugar scrub bars, drink mixes and self-care kits.

  • We welcomed new Treatment Center Manager Kelli just as our Treatment Center lead receptionist, Phoebe, delivered her new son into the world.

  • Tibetan Medical and Astroscience practitioners we met in India came for a visit to treat the Center to their expertise. We look forward to hosting them yearly in future.

And that’s not all!

  • More than $30,000 was granted in work scholarship

  • More than 60 pancha karma retreats were provided

  • By-Donation Pulse Clinic reached its 24th year, and

  • The dhyana Center turned 23 years old

In the midst of our growth and successes, we mourned the passing of friends and family members. We saw another wildfire ravage a community and felt how it touched our own, bringing a share of heartache but also the resolve that we will unite again and again to take care of each other.

How has this year been for you? In quiet moments of this busy season, are you able to take a moment to breathe and reflect?

Even though winter is thought of as when the natural world around us goes into hibernation, all the people I see bustle around like no other time! There are parties to attend, lists to be completed, gifts to buy, extra work to be done, extra meals to plan.

Ayurvedic wisdom holds that when you follow the natural flow of of the year, you are more likely to be successful and healthy. Cold winter months call on us to withdraw, recuperate, save our energy, and get ready for a new year of action. There is a time for all matters, and this is the time to lay low.


Let ideas stew. It’s like creating a meal -- a lot of really great ingredients can be combined in their raw state. But they’ll taste even better when given the time to simmer, mingle flavor, reveal their nutrients, and reach their true potential as a nourishing dish. It’s just the same with ideas. Our culture tends to push immediate action, which isn’t always the wisest path in the long run.

So, this winter I challenge you to organize your ideas. Engage inspiration, but then allow those ideas to simmer over the dark months so that come March you can really spring forward into well-planned action and success.

And one more thing. Every new year, I pick a single word that will be my “word for the year.” I focus on the intention of that word for a year’s span. I have found that the only way to learn how to achieve goals is to learn how to hold an intention for at least a year (or more). This teaches good follow-through you can apply to business, personal matters, and relationship. My word for 2018 was “understanding” and I undoubtedly saw a thread of that intention woven throughout these past days.

Scott and I hope that you are surrounded by love at this time. Our wish for you is that you are able to envision your own wellness and dreams, allowing this to light a guiding path for you. We hope you feel connected to those who bring you joy and support.

The dhyana Center family looks forward to the honor of serving you in your self-care journey in 2019. Watch for new books and online classes and other surprises to come!

Hari Aum!

DeAnna Batdorff and Scott Jenkins

Andrea Foster